Garrett Scholes is the main antagonist of the episode Hated in the Nation, and is responsible for hacking into "ADIs" (robotic bees) and implanting code that made them burrow into the heads of well-known and well-hated people, which would kill the person.

Physical Appearance Edit

Before Disappearing Edit

Garrett had short, dark-brown hair with a large goatee. He had pale skin and was thin and tall.

After Disappearing Edit

Garrett, after going into hiding, shaved his head and his goatee. He wore contact lenses that made his eyes light-blue and he was considerably stockier than before.

Trivia Edit

  • Garrett is a villainous mastermind, leaving breadcrumb trails that work perfectly and leaving false evidence that only contributes to his plan.
  • His main belief is that people should always face the consequences of what they do, especially online where everyone can be anonymous. This is the main motivation behind him killing hundreds of thousands of people.

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