Shut Up and Dance is the third episode of the third season. It was written by Charlie Brooker and William Bridges, and was released on October 20, 2016.

Overview Edit

A woman drives a car into a parking lot, leaving the keys in one of the wheel arches, before being texted and leaving.

Kenny (Alex Lawther), a teenager whose sister stole his laptop, finds that he needs to install a malware remover on his laptop. Using the first search link, a website called "Shrive", he manages to clean up the virus. However, an unseen hacker uses the camera to record Kenny masturbating to an image on his computer, though the image on his computer is not shown. Getting an email from the recorder, Kenny realizes that he has been hacked and turns off his laptop. The hacker emails Kenny again to give him his phone number or the video of him masturbating will be released to everyone he has in his contacts. Kenny reluctantly does so. The hacker tells him to keep his phone on and charged at all times and to keep his location services on so the hacker knows where he is. The hacker also tells Kenny to wait until he is "activated".

While Kenny is at work, he receives a text from the hacker, who demands him to go to a rooftop car park at 12 p.m or they will release the video. Feigning sickness to his boss, Kenny manages to get there in time, meeting a motorcyclist with a package. The motorcyclist is also a victim of the hacker, having been told to come there too. The motorcyclist gives Kenny a package with a cake inside, and takes a photo of him, verifying he has given the cake to him. Kenny is told to deliver the cake to a man in a hotel room. Eventually being let in, Kenny meets Hector (Jerome Flynn), who is texted by the hacker that they know about a prostitute that Hector was waiting for. As Hector is a married man, he panics and obeys the hacker's demands. Kenny is told to take Hector's photo to confirm the delivery. The pair are then told to go to the hotel car park and use the car that the woman dropped off.

The pair are ordered to drive to a specific location out of the city, just managing to reach it. They are then told to look inside the cake, where they find a gun, a hat and sunglasses. They are then told to rob a nearby bank. Deciding that Kenny should go, Hector waits in the car as the getaway driver. Kenny manages to rob the bank, and the pair escape; told by the hacker to go to a field.

Hector is told to destroy the car alone, whilst Kenny is told to go into a nearby by woodland park to deliver the cash alone. The pair part ways. Kenny makes his way into the park, meeting a man with a large box containing a drone. Revealing himself as another victim of the hacker, he tells Kenny that they must fight to the death and the winner takes the money, as the drone that the hacker controls watches them from above. The man asks Kenny what he did, and when Kenny says that all he did was look at pictures the man says that he did the same then asks "How young were they?" revealing himself and Kenny to be paedophiles (Kenny had been masturbating to child pornography). Kenny, still having the gun, points it toward the man, then turns it on himself, but finds that it was empty all along. The two engage in a fight, as the drone looks on.

Hector returns home, getting another text from the hacker: a picture of a trollface. Hector then finds that his wife knows the name of the prostitute he hired. The other victims of the hacker who complied with their demands have also had their sensitive information released, getting text messages of the picture. Kenny walks away from the forest, bloodied and with the bag containing the stolen money. After being sent the trollface picture, he receives a call from his mother demanding to know what he has done as the footage of his masturbating to child porn has been sent to everyone his family knows. Kenny hangs up the phone as the police arrive, and offers little resistance as they arrest him.

Cast Edit

  • Alex Lawther as Kenny
  • Jerome Flynn as Hector
  • Susannah Doyle as The CEO
  • Frankie Wilson as Tom
  • Jimmy Roye as Dunne as Red
  • Hannah Steele as Melissa
  • Sara Beck Mather as Restaurant Mother
  • Beatrice Robertson-Jones as Restaurant Daughter
  • Maya Gerber as Lindsay
  • Camilla Power as Sandra
  • Ivanno Jeremiah as Moped Man
  • Mariam Haque as Petrol Station Attendent
  • Natasha Little as Karen
  • Nicola Sloane as Bank Clerk
  • Paul Bazely as Man in Woods
  • Leanne Best as Penny

Trivia Edit

  • Charlie Brooker stated in an interview that this episode went through many different versions, some not including the final twist and some with Hector being the one to harbour a dark secret.
  • This is the first episode since The National Anthem to only feature currently existing technology.
  • The news site browsed by the CEO at the end of the episode mentions Michael Callow (from The National Anthem) is getting divorced, Victoria Skillane's trial (a reference to White Bear) and an advertisement for 'cookies' (a reference to White Christmas).
    • In another reference to White Christmas, the restaurant Kenny works at is 'Barnies' which was listed as part of Greta's schedule in that episode.

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